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3D relief globes:
a hands-and-eyes-on experience of our earth

Is it possible to rebuild the unique fingerprint of our earth – the relief – in detail?

relief globe – grasp the earth

fascination of the relief

The geo-institut has developed a globe, which makes the surface of the earth visual and palpable perceptible: the morphology of the sea floor as well as the formation of mountain chains. With a relief globe you can grasp the earth!

relief of the Himalayas

The difference in height - between the Himalayas and the Mariana Trench 4 cm – is demonstrated with the help of colours: green for plains and varying shades of brown for heights.

gimbal system

Is it possible to turn the globe in order to take even a look at Antarctica easily?

A gimbal system allows for a rotation over two axes and, therefore, a 360-degree view on the globe.

interior decoration with relief globe

Is it possible, that a globe comprehends a world map of 4m² size?

The relief globe has a diameter of 64 cm – this measures up to a map of 2 x 2 meters.


Technical Data

Map design:
Height of the globe:
Vertical exaggeration
Sea floor:

Mounting of the globe:

3D physical map
1 : 20 Million
64 cm
1.10 m - 1.30 m; partly adjustable in height

up to 1,000 Meter 60fold, beyond 40fold
3 different designs (chrome made pedestal, rollable chrome made pedestal and acrylic pedestal)
gimbal system
German, English, Russian




 Chrome made pedestal


relief globe with chrome made pedestal

The classic chrome made pedestal suites every interior - regardless of the furnishing. The globe can be adjusted in height from 1.10m to 1.30m.


 Rollable chrome made pedestal


relief globe with rollable chrome made pedestal

The rollable chrome made pedestal is especially designed for the usage in school. Thanks to its rolls it can be moved easily. The globe can be adjusted in height from 1.10m to 1.30m.


 Acrylic pedestal


relief globe with acrylic pedestal

Due to the transparent material, the globe itself is highlighted particularly.


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