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Relief map large scale:
vision geography

The large scaled 3D relief map of geo-institut is really versatile:

physical relief map large scale

The three-dimensional relief of the map helps to understand geography by looking at and touching the map. The physical map uses colouring to visualize the difference in height of the earth’s surface and the oceanic relief.

physical map of Europe

The large scaled relief map can be used interdisciplinary: the three-dimensional surface helps to understand a multitude of different topics.

Here are some examples:

  • geography: dependencies of cultural developments on geographic facts
  • tectonics: chain formation of landmasses
  • climate: sea current is visual
  • history: historical movements, military expeditions, mass migrations
  • religion: expansion of the world religions, crusades, missionary journeys
  • economy: city founding, big trade routes, economic centres
  • nature studies: climate zones, limit of vegetation and wildlife habitats

relief map for schools

Our relief maps can be rolled up and transported easily after usage.

The “large scaled relief maps” are available for the following regions:
Germany and its neighbours
Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark

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