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Relief map "Silver line":
information and design

Discover the earth with armchair travels, spatialise recent news, grasp geographical and historical facts or simply enjoy the decorative design – the 3D relief maps of our product line “Silver line” are all in one.

physical relief map „Silver line“

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political relief map “Silver line”

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Both, geographical layman, as well as professional geographers can find a wealth of information on the 1.5m²-sized decorative map.

relief map Europe and Asia

The unique relief technique allows even for a discovery tour on the touchable sea floor.

relief map Europe and Africa

The physical map illustrates plains and heights with the help of different shades of green and brown intuitively.

political relief map

The political map is especially designed to find country frontiers at a glance or to help children getting started with geographical topics.

The 3D relief map „Silver line“ is currently available as world map and map of Europe. For further information, please get in touch with us: order.

The relief map „Silver line“ is, like all of our 3D maps, suitable for the usage in schools. Moreover, the relief map „Silver line“ can be complemented with other teaching aids, like e.g. atlases, transparencies or DVDs.


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