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Relief world map “Silver line”:
the whole world at a glance

physical world map „Silver line“political world map „Silver line“

The 3D relief world map “Silver line” provides a detailed copy of the earth due to our technical sophisticates production method.

You can choose between a physical or a political map:

interior design with a physical world map

The physical map helps you to discover geographical details. Intuitively one can interpret the colours: Plains are represented by different shades of green, heights by various tints of brown.

political world map in the kindergarten

The political map helps to find country borders easily and enables first of all children to start working with maps.


Technical data


92.6 cm x 139 cm
1: 30 Million
German, English, Swedish, Russian

The three-dimensional relief has a 65fold exaggeration in average..

A physical world map is available, as well as a political one.

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